Maria Krajewska brings magic and mysticism to the town of Wolfsberg. Her passion for the art and instrument has resulted in the establishment of an acclaimed organ festival that attracts international music lovers. Polish by birth, Maria developed her love for classical music and the organ over many years of passionate practice and dedication. Her talent and determination led her to attend various prestigious music universities, where she gained knowledge and experience with the guidance of renowned masters. After years of perfecting her craft, Maria decided to share her passion with others. The organ festival that she has organised has become a true cultural event in Wolfsberg. It has not only brought outstanding organists to its stage, but also instrumentalists and vocalists who, along with the powerful sound of the organ, provide amazing musical performances.

Due to her extensive efforts,  music enthusiasts were able to enjoy the unique sound of wide-ranging artistic creations. However, the Wolfsberg Festival was not simply about public performances.  It has hosted choir workshops, which allowed participants to learn more about their singing abilities and to improve on their skills in a festive atmosphere. As well, liturgical music classes were organised, providing a valuable opportunity for local organist to advance their artistry. The event was met with a warm welcome from the local population and it has provided many ideas for future festival possibilities.